​Jayne Harper Hill


     As you can see, these are pictures from my past. They range from me at two and a half, to high school, then college, and my first year of teaching, (yes, I had blonde hair then and it stayed that way for about fifteen years) and then went back to my natural color. The one in the airplane was in 1965, when I was Miss WV Air National Guard, the only beauty contest I ever entered!
     It was a  proud moment when my son graduated from NCSU. I also love the one with my son at a Halloween Party; my husband refused to wear the green crayon outfit I made for him, He stayed home and watched a race. It took forever to wash the orange spray out of my hair! Also, the one with the parrot is a favorite, he matches my jacket! It was taken in a terminal waiting to board a cruise ship to Bermuda.
     The family pictures were made the last time all of us were together. Sadly, since then my father, stepmother, son, brother, niece, (and a nephew not pictured) have all passed away. My nephew, Matt (in the red sweater) is now battling brain cancer. My mother passed away in 1987 of cancer as well.
    Of course I cannot forget the pets. The cockers are JJ and Jenny, who have gone to doggie heaven. Another cocker, Jake, and kitty, Jessie, have also crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The kitty on the right  is our seventeen year old tabby, Jewelie (a.k.a. Baby), who rules the house!  I will be changing pictures every now and then, so keep checking!
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