​Jayne Harper Hill

​The Book
​The Charm Bracelet Murder
​Jade Scott Mysteries
​Vol. 1
    THE CHARM BRACELET MURDER is the first time I have published  an ebook. I actually started this book years ago and finally had the time to rewrite and update it - I retired! I learned a great deal about formatting, using pictures in an ebook manuscript, converting a Word document to HTML, then mobi, and designing a cover to meet Amazon's standards.  I used to be a Home Designer and used AutoCAD, a formidable computer engineering program, to design homes and then make blueprints. If I could do that, surely I could do all the formatting work myself. It took a while, but I did it! The Charm Bracelet Murder is available only through the Kindle Bookstore on Amazon. They have a download app that allows reading the book on any electronic device. To go there, click on the book cover at the bottom of this page. The book will be published as a paperback in July 2017. It will also be available on Amazon as well as CreateSpace online.

   The story takes place in and around Raleigh, NC, where I lived when I started the book. The heroine of the book is Jade Scott, a custom jewelry maker. For reasons I will explain in the book, she works with the Raleigh Police Department to help solve a murder. This is not the whole story line, there are drugs, extortion, kidnappings, and cats involved too. Please note this is not a "Cozy Mystery" but a mystery that just happens to have a woman as one of the major characters! Think Sue Grafton, or J. A. Jance.